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Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are the most beautiful

diamonds in the world.

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are cut to ideal proportions with superior optical symmetry and a specific faceting pattern.  When all these factors are in harmony the result is a repeatable, near perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows in the face up position and eight symmetrical hearts in the table down position

Available  Diamonds

Diamond Details       [ Round 1.01 G SI1 EX EX EX NON ]

Diamond Details

Report No 5192096583

Rap. Price $7373
Sale Price $6488 (which is 12% off Wholesale Rap)
Diamond Grading
Shape Round Cut EX Carat 1.01 Polish EX Color G
Symmetry EX Clarity SI1 Fluorescence NON


Shade WHITE Crown Angle 32.5 Table % 56 Crown Height 14 Depth % 60.8
Pav Angle 41 Length 6.52 Pav Height 43.5 Width 6.49 Girdle MED to STK Depth 3.96 Culet NON

Inclusion Details

Eye Clean 
Laser Ins. GIA 5192096583
Brilliancy EXCELLENT 
Heart & Arrow EXCELLENT

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